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Clippingpathmaster provides Image services :

 Image clipping path services :
Clipping path &  image clipping path for image background remove & color correction .....
Image clipping path has become very essential for every photos to remove background. We provide all types of image clipping path & Image background remove services within 24 hours. We use Photoshop path tools to clip images to remove Image background. So image removing background from your images to us and increasing your sell by spending only a few cents on your photos.

Price: Starts from $0.25 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 3000+ Images Daily


Photo Retouch | Manipulation | Image Restoration Services | Deep Etching
Worried about product photography expenses? Well don’t worry! Grab your cell phone and take shop product shots and send them directly to us! Our Photo editing experts will deep etch and make them look them look professional in no  time!
Price: Starts from $1.00 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 2000+ Images Daily


Realistic Drop-Shadow & Reflection Creation

Shadow and reflection is the most vital part of a product photo. It makes your images realistic and brings perfection which draws attention of your customer. We know how important it is for your E-commerce business and that’s why we offer complementary Shadow/Reflection with other services free of cost!
Price: Starts from $0.15 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 5000+ Images Daily


Product Photo Masking | Clipping Path | Image Background Removal

We fine tune your product images for e-stores and websites saving your time and money. Our experienced photo specialists mask your images manually to extract the product with sharp yet flawless edges and make them look attractive & professional. Drive your sales up by spending only a few cents on your product images.
Price: Starts from $0.25 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 3000+ Images Daily


Photo Color Correction | Light & Exposure Adjustment Services

No matter how much dark or burnt your images are, we have solution for every photography and digital image editing needs. Our image editing services are trusted by thousands of happy clients globally – this is what we do all the time – and of course we’re good at it!
Price: Starts from $0.75 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 3000+ Images Daily


Neck-Joint | Invisible Mannequin | Back Part Joint
Professional and beautiful images sell product, and we dedicated our life you master that art to make your product images look perfect. No matter what Product photography service you need, we will be always there to assist you with a reliable image editing solution.
Price: Starts from $1.00 USD/Image  |  Delivery: Within 24 Hours  |  Capacity: 1000+ Images Daily

Services :

Image Clipping path


Handmade image clipping path


Image Retouching


Retouching & color correction


Ebook Design(epub ...)


EBook, .epub, PDF & In-design doc

PRICE:$0.30 - per page
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